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a.k.a Sensei Of Print

Born and raised in Pakistan, Fareed moved to Dubai and began training in all sorts of apparel branding methods at a shop his cousin owns. Living, training and working there for over 13 years, Fareed learned a lot of amazing techniques that he then brought to Canada with him. For over 5 years he has been a very valuable member of the team, and is an absolute machine when it comes to colour mixing and matching, screen registration, film outputting, screen coating and providing amazing, smooth, high quality prints quickly and efficiently.

Fareed has taught the entire staff a lot of valuable lessons in the industry that has helped each of them grow and get better at what they do daily. His 20 years of experience in the industry definitely show when you see him in action, and his long days of hard work, and willingness to teach, show us the level of passion and dedication he has for this industry.


Certified Graphic Designer

  : alex@colortex.ca


a.k.a Jill of all trades

Leona became an owner/manager of her own Video wholesale and distribution centre at the tender age of 20 and continued in that capacity for the next 20 years. Following that she spent a few years in sales and admin at Colortex and then moved on to accounting and sales for a companies in the packaging industry. In the seven years immediately prior to arriving at Regimbal she was owner/manager of her own floral business. Leona brings a wealth of experience in accounting, administration, and sales, and combined with her enthusiastic personality creates an enjoyable customer experience.

  : 613 748 0770 ext.     : leona@colortex.ca